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We've got t-shirts. We've got children's book pictures. We've even got skateboard decals. Illustration works just about anywhere, and our designers blew us away with these remarkable masterpieces.


This piece achieves a balance of being artful, technically strong and commercial. It’s not just beautiful, but also offers strong marketplace appeal. I especially like the presentation on the car, which speaks to its wide range of usage. The designer makes great use of two trending design styles: working with very dark colors in an appealing way, and using calligraphic/hand drawn techniques. It's also nice to see an alternate colorway for even more sense of vector versatility!

Photo of Brenda MilisBrenda Milis

An eye-catching octopus by IL'YA ALES can be wrapped, placed and stretched every which way, and still retain its vibrant quality. Our take? It's very unique design indeed.

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