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Mark Forrester necesitaba un nuevo diseño de camiseta y lanzó un concurso de diseño en 99designs.

Un ganador ha sido elegido entre 156 diseños de 69 diseñadores freelance.


Cómo Mark Forrester comenzó su viaje en camiseta


WooThemes requires a promotional t-shirt designed that portrays WooThemes fresh, trendy, quirky personality. The t-shirts will be given away at a large web design conference in the next month. It is therefore an opportunity for great exposure for upcoming designers!

Original design contest post here -…oocontest/

Not only can you win $500 dollars but also a 6 month developer license at WooThemes giving you access to all our themes and photoshop designs.

Nombre de la empresa

¿Qué te inspira y qué diseño imaginas para tu empresa?

WooThemes is one of the largest Wordpress Theme Shops online with a great reputation amongst the Wordpress community.

April is going to be a monumental month for us at WooThemes as itwill be the first time all 5 of us of the WooTeam will be in the sameroom at the same time! The joys of an internet based company.

A few months ago we all decided we would get together for Future of Web Design 2009 in London, England. What better event to attend together to soak up some design goodness from the industry’s best designers.

We’ll hopefully be taking some t-shirts to the event to giveaway andthat’s where we need your help - in designing them. We are looking fora kickass design that people want to wear, not your typical promotionaltees that get thrown into a cupboard never to be worn. Your design canbe trendy, humourous or professional, or even all three - we open tosuggestions.

Lo que desea

- The WooThemes logo must be included in the t-shirt design. It is available here in the t-shirt design pack.
- A quirky strapline can be included in your design, but is not essential.
- The design must have a maximum of 7 colours - we find that 3-5 colour designs look best.
- The design must be produced in photoshop, illustrator, freehand or coreldraw format.
- You can only design on the FRONT of the t-shirt and your design must not touch the hems, collars or sleeves.
- The design must be of a maximum size of 38 X 50 cm - the standard screenprinting size.
- If the design is created in Photoshop a resolution of 300dpi must be used.
- A vector based design is preferred as it produces the cleanest lines for printing. If your design is very tonal though it can be done in Photoshop.

No quieres

- No stock imagery in the t-shirt design!
- No cheesy microsoft office stationery!
- No copyright materials.
- No company names, personal names, signatures, email addresses or urls allowed on your design. Don't worry though your name will appear on the back of the t-shirt design if you are winner.

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