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"Can I Kiss You?" shirt for students

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Cómo ImpactLife comenzó su viaje en camiseta

Nombre de la marca

The Date Safe Project, Inc.

Descripción general

We travel the world talking in schools, on campuses, and at military bases teaching the importance of "Asking First" before engaging in sexual activity with a partner (instead of trying to "just make your move - when often the other person doesn't want it"). Our "Can I Kiss You?" presentation uniquely incorporates humor, fun, and high energy into what is usually considered an "uncomfortable" subject matter.

The Date Safe Project began many years ago after my sister was raped. Her strength inspired me to want to travel the world teaching the importance of consent, bystander intervention, and supporting survivors. Our work is a personal mission for myself and our entire team. You can read all about our purpose at in the "About" section. Plus, you can watch actual footage from the show (and students' reactions) at

We have 2 t-shirts we've been selling for several years. The key to our shirts is they must be EYE CATCHING and EDUCATIONAL! You can see the 2 current shirts at:…/clothing/

Cuéntanos a qué tipo de público quieres llegar

COLLEGE STUDENTS are the target audience. They purchase the T-shirt the most often with high school students being 2nd (middle school students, parents, educators, and our military members make up the majority of our remaining T-shirt buyers). This is an already existing audience. We both sell the shirts and give them away during our presentations.

The students AT THE EVENT who purchase the shirt the most often are buying the shirt for 2 reasons: 1) FUN to wear and want to show off the shirt. 2) Believe in the message and want to help spread the word

While the shirt is discussing consent, the content must be appropriate for all ages. Ideally, we want ANYONE and everyone to WANT to wear this shirt and spread the message!


You can see the current design at…/clothing/ Please DO NOT follow the old design. We want NEW, FRESH ideas and looks for the shirt. Try anything (including retro, sporty, grunge - ANYTHING).

Please NOTICE the shirt has 2 SIDES and the wording on both sides is important to the message. Yes, you can CHANGE this approach and make it a one-sided shirt or stay with 2 sided. The key is to have the MESSAGE from both sides of our current shirt incorporated (or a very similar one).

We are looking to make the current shirt MORE HIP & FASHIONABLE. All IDEAS and concepts are welcome (colors, shirt designs, styles, etc...). If you create a look which can be duplicated onto other clothing, AWESOME (hats, jackets, sweaters, etc....)! This is not a requirement - simply a bonus!

If you want to incorporate our colors and/or logo from, go for it (not a requirement). If you were able to pull this off and have the shirt look fantastic, that result would be cool.

Please subtly put the website on the shirt (many prefer the back, etc...). The site on the shirt should be: with the first letter of each word capitalized and NOT having www next to the site address.

Make sure people can read "CAN I KISS YOU?" on the front of the shirt from a distance (or where ever you locate the question on the shirt).

The shirt needs to be GENDER NEUTRAL because both males and females will be given the shirt. Please show your mockup shirt designs with male and females wearing them (not just one or the other ). THANKS!!

We look forward to seeing your ideas and providing lots of feedback to help you. A few designers have included their design on boxers, a hat, and a reusable hat (all as one submission). Please ONLY do this option if we have given your design a 4 STAR ranking.

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