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Graphics For A Specific Dj's T-shirt Design

Mike Mattarocci necesitaba un nuevo diseño de camiseta y lanzó un concurso de diseño en 99designs.

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I have just started to build a global clothing brand that is going to cater to the "electronic dance music" scene. This encompasses trance, techno, house music, indie, drum and bass, etc. I will have a "dj signature series" line of shirts and hats in the beginning - hopefully more as time goes on. I'm looking for really hip, fashion-forward, edgy designs that encompass nightlife, EDM, clubbing, djs, after-hours, good times, etc. I would hope to find a designer who understands that the "club scene" is fairly fashionable and even underground at times.

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The target audience will be clubbers, EDM fans, hip, edgy 16-40 yrs. old. I don't really like putting age ranges but I just did sort of I guess. I want to cater to global markets, so this artwork for shirts and/or hats can even be in foreign languages, which is also one of my interests for some of the designs.


* Looking for 1-3 color design
* Must be evident that it's for LAWN CHAIR GENERALS either due to the logo or the picture of them......or both. It doesn't have to be obvious though. They would prefer artwork without their pics in it. You can GOOGLE them and I can even provide high-res artwork to somebody who needs it to complete the assignment
* Want something that is creative and hip and not just a head shot and their name written under or over it.
* I like really wild, cool, or even clean designs. Preferably something really interesting and atypical.
* The font can be clean or it can also be graffiti art as well. Or, anything you find really edgy. Preferably something that will be cool next year and not necessarily something common or trendy.

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