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It was best teamwork ever... we already were happy when vraione joined the contest because we saw in his portfolio that his logos would absolutely fit to Clara Morgenthau fine Art´s... and already the first draft was an almost full hit... he was one of very few designers who managed to transport a clear message/meaning with the drafted logo... We were so excited with his first illustration but asked him to even create more meaning... and he did... only one day later he delivered a logo which we really think is good for the next 800 years... it is magical and every time we see it we enjoy more and more and discover even more wonderful aspects in it though it has the needed simplicity ... everything after that which we requested by us was only cosmetics... He accepted any of our requests with lots of patience and delivered it... He is as he says himself not a Master of typography but he is absoulutely our Master in illustrations... we already asked him for follow project, namely creating a flyer for us... because we are sure also for the flyer he will deliver illustrations for the next 800 years... We are very grateful to having found vraione on the 99designs platform and so we are also full of gratitude to 99designs... Lots of love, Clara Morgenthau.

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