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Logo needed for a new documentary film co. with a great name

toddschechter necesitaba un nuevo diseño de logotipo y lanzó un concurso de diseño en 99designs.

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Cómo toddschechter comenzó su viaje en logotipos


Hi! I am starting to market my communications strategy and documentary production skills as an independent video producer directly for the first time. To facilitate developing more business and reflecting the professionalism in my work that I would expect my clients to expect from me I need a designer to help me build a real kick ass professional brand image for my new company. This visual brand will start with a logo, what this contest is for. It will also include extensions to other business applications such as business cards, invoice forms, fax cover page, and CD/DVD label sticker. The guaranteed prize of $230 will be awarded in return for the best logo design that matches the criteria laid out in the brief > and the logo that will serve as the best center point for a growing brand. After the contest is complete the winner will be expected to be willing to make minor alterations to the logo as required as well as commit to taking part in the next 99designs contest to follow for our business cards, letterhead etc.... Again, payment to the winner of this contest is be $230 and I have guaranteed that there will be a winner. In process of the contest I will be in regular communication with participants for feedback and thought on what has been submitted.

Nombre de la marca

Kalicon Pictures

¿Qué te inspira y qué diseño imaginas para tu empresa?

I am a former international documentary filmmaker who has spent the last year and a half starting a non-profit organization that integrates films into tools for educators.  I am coming back to video production work to help pay the bills while the economy recovers and because I see big potential for documentary film as a tool for generating profit.

I have come to 99 designs because I need your help to make the next step in my vision a reality.  By designing me a logo you will be not only helping me out you will make a difference in my life that I would be forever grateful for.  This logo and eventual branding is important to me because I would like to prepare myself with the basic tools I need to present myself as the exacting professional with attention to detail that I am.  I want my professional ethic and exacting standards to translate through into my logo and brand image.

It might be helpful for you to know that the reason I like our name, Kalicon Pictures is that it feels substantial.  It is the kind of name that people think they have heard before even though they have not and the kind of name everyone pronounces correctly the first time they say it.  What people do not realize is that Kal is the ancient Greek root for beautiful and icon the Greek root for image.  I do not need random people to know that when looking at the logo but I share that information with you because it reflects something I like.  What I like is that the name works as a whole on its own but also has depth to it, there is more there than just what’s visible at the first look.  I want a logo that takes this effect to the visual level.

As someone with a lot of branding marketing and communications experience describing what I am looking for in specifics other than what I have included here is difficult for me because I have not yet determined a definitive overarching unique selling proposition or positioning statement for the company that I would want to work into the logo and design.  What I do know is that I am looking for something that looks very thought out and highly professional with great graphic design.  The logo should impart excellence, attention to detail,  strategic, effective.

I prefer a logo that will work well in a motion graphic scenario as well (aftereffects or flash) for use as a title card in a film or on a flash website.

**I have not concluded whether the logo should be a treatment of the name itself or if the logo should be an image to accompany the name that could stand on its own.  I can imagine either working.

**In case it is helpful - consider that materials like a business card and other materials would feature references to the specific ways that we deliver that tag line.

For example:
Name: Kalicon Pictures
Tag(to be used in this contest but not final): harness the power of video
What we do:
- documentaries
- documercials
- documonials
- interviews
- web shorts
- training videos
- & video brand strategyWho we serve:
- Profit – impacting prospective clients, customers, partners and investors
- Non-Profit – impacting prospective donors, volunteers, foundations and board members
- & government sector clients – impacting prospective voters, supporters, and campaign workers

Lo que desea

- Something that looks like it was expensive to make
- Something that exudes precision and professional attention to detail
- I like both clean geometric design (clearly computer facilitated) as well as the hand drawn sketch outlines llook… go figure
- Note: A company who does these things extraordinarily well is 2Advanced.  Two of their older websites: and both exhibit how the logo is not a standalone piece of the brand experience but the centerpiece of a symphony that carries that message forward.  In the latter you may notice hot the logo is deconstructed and flys away at one point of the loading experience
- Something timeless, clean, classy, if it were a machine it would be the inside of a very expensive wrist watch.
- I need something that looks good in both in color (if you decide it should have color) and in black and white for print outs and faxes etc
- I like the idea of the imagery having at least some fine lines.  This website - - is an example example of how fine lines integrated into the design can exhibit precision and technical mastery which I like.  Notice what happens when you mouse over one of the menu selections.  To me this kind of design references the mechanism of the video and photographic industry which is cool.
- I love Leonardo da vinchi drawing that deconstruct biological subjects.  And his drawings of machines. I both like the style and the color schemes.
- I like engineering schematics and architectural plans, particularly when you can see both the external and some of the inner workings at the same time sometimes that is done with a section cutaway. Anything that references the innerworking of a precision machine.  I also like imagery related to nature and nature has powerful brand recognition potential
- I encourage a logo design that features 2-3 colors including the color of the background but am open to alternatives.
- Note: Interesting stuff here - I like the potential for the logo as a watermark in letterhead submitted with entry # 137 and 139.  This doesn’t necessarily apply to what will work for Kalicon but I like the non-traditional usage of the logo and the idea that the logo and its theme for Kalicon can have use and application elsewhere outside the box.  Submissions that demonstrate consideration for similar applications by sharing 1 or 2 ways this logo could appear in other business materials will receive additional weight in the review process.  As mentioned in the summary these alternative uses could include traditional applications such as business cards, matching letterhead, invoice form, fax cover page, round CD/DVD label sticker, or simulation a title card before a movie that says "a Kalicon Pictures documonial" as a variation on the logo for example.
- I want a logo/name that when paired with the tag line would give a good sense of what we do and what to expect.
- Other words you might want to think about are film, filmmaker, story, and strategy.

No quieres

- I do not want anything garish or campy
- I do not want anything cartoonish
- I do not want anything messy looking
- I do not want something that looks like it should be hanging in an elementary school bulletin board
- I do not want you to feel required to design on a stark white background
- I do not want metallic hues
- I do not want this contest to end with a bunch of variations on the same idea so try to take things in a new direction than what you see others have done.  If something in particular seems like the specific direction that feels right I will notify everyone but until then if you have not yet started designing something assume I am looking for something else.
- Reminder - One you have submitted you can expect feedback within 24 hours on how you might improve your submission.  These comments will be created specifically for your submission and I encourage that these notes not influence the approach of other designers directly so as to preserve variety in the submissions

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