Build your vocabulary

Kerning? Email signatures? Formalities? If you want to play the game, you gotta know the lingo. Build your vocabulary and brush up your professional skills with these resources.

Business English

Business English

Industry-specific vocabulary quizzes covering advertising, insurance, marketing and more.
Site: memrise
Format: Quiz
Price: Free

Professional Emails

A 90-minute course covering greetings, proper politeness, levels of formality and signatures to help you communicate effectively and use expressions correctly.  
Site: Skillshare 
Format: Video course
Price: Membership (get 3 free months here)

Small talk basics

This 22 minute course goes over tips and vocabulary for small talk to improve your communication and networking skills.
Site: Skillshare
Format: Video course
Price: Membership (get 3 free months here)

Design vocabulary

99 descriptive design words you should know

A design vocabulary cheat sheet covering everything from Design 101 to typography to file formats.
Site: 99designs
: Article

Crash Course: Know your typography vocabulary! 

A strong typography vocabulary is a designer’s secret
Site: 99designs
Format: Article

50 Design Terms Explained Simply For Non-Designers

A breakdown of some of the most common design terminology. 
Site: Canva
Format: Article

Conversational English


Duolingo is all about gamification, so they make participation fun and competitive. This choice gets you some of the most important grammar and vocabulary of a language, but does stay at a fairly entry level.
Format: Online application with emphasis on mobile app
Price: Free

BBC Learning English

Free audio, video, and text materials provided by the BBC.
Format: Online classes
Price: Free


Memrise uses educational tricks based on images or words to help the user make a mental connection between a word and it’s meaning.

Format: Online application, with Android and iOS functionality
Price: Free, but with a Premium upgrade for $10 a month

Living Language

This course combines different kinds of learning into an all-encompassing strategy. If you’re looking for a more complete understanding of a language and are willing to put in some time, this is a great option.

Format: Online courses, media libraries, e-tutors and a robust community
Price: Ranges from $39 (1 month) - $150 (1 year)


FluentU finds and constantly updates video and audio content that is relevant to contemporary speech patterns. Users experience vocabulary in context and look it up as they watch, with the option to practice selected words later on.
Format: Online video library
Price: Ranges from $10 - $30


This is the virtual face-to-face interaction tool. Choose between certified teachers or more informal native speakers. Flexibly set times to meet with your teacher or pursue instant tutoring with the teachers-on-call.
Price: Free to join, but teachers set their own hourly rates
Format: Video chats online

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